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Commercial Photographer Networking

Networking – how does a commercial photographer find business…

About 3 years ago I had just closed down our portrait studio. Due to the financial downturn and a continued reliance on exhibitions and follow up tele-sales it was becoming increasingly difficult for us to stay profitable and having already had to make 3 people redundant 1 year earlier a new rent term made it an obvious decision to close shop. Our long standing background in the commercial photography sector means that we have some long standing clients that continue to return and as such whilst the subsequent 3 years has been something of a rollercoaster we at least survived and started to make back some of our losses.

Two years ago I received an invite to attend a breakfast networking event, I attended bright and early one Friday morning and at the end of the meeting handed in my cheque for joining. Within 2 weeks I was doing a £1200 commission as a result of a referral from one of the other members and subsequently went on to pick up further business from the membership. Unfortunately membership and confidence in the group dwindled and as such and partly for other reasons I eventually left. Networking does however continue and its benefits are clear. As a result of one of the visitors I met during that time introduced me to another network meeting resulting in a new client, which provided me with over £4000 worth of product photography. Yesterday I attended an event at Trent Bridge Cricket ground in Nottingham run by Peter Motley and I met another potentially useful contact who runs a advertising agency who openly suggested I stay in touch as they have a continued need for photography and new media. It’s clear that getting out their works, so if your from the Derbyshire area and you’re in business look out for me and I’ll see if there is anything I can help you with in terms of contacts that might be of use to you.

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Christmas bookings and life in general.

December started out with one booking and was swiftly filled by a wedding film in Nottingham and a very last minute stills shoot in Leicester. Elsewhere I have been busy doing work in the studio for some of my commercial clients and more importantly working on putting together my new show reel.

Since I also do a high level of commercial work I feel it’s quite important my wedding and portrait clients to be aware of this aspect. I don’t do as many wedding shoots as some photographers in the business. This for me means that I get a mix of work, which I find quite important as it keeps me interested in what I do. Adding into this the dimension of wedding films further increases the mix and that all helps. The reason I think its healthy for my wedding and portrait clients means that they get someone who is fresh and interested in them and they get a more personal touch as they will not be one of the many.

The show reel took about half a day to film and was done at my commercial photography studio space just outside Derby. Very kindly my friend Dennis Stanley helped shoot it alongside my father Keith Pollard. After a few editing tweaks the finished product looks very strong and professional gives you a better view into my personality…




photographer derbyshire Ben Pollard from ben pollard on Vimeo.

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Updates and a new year full of hope.

We have been busy this last few days working on a reasonably large quote for a Museum job in Derbyshire at the Derby, Belper and Buxton Museums. Thankfully we can now take a breath for a few days and concentrate some more time in updating the images on the web site and maybe add a little more content to the blog page..

The Christmas celebrations have slowed down enquiries for weddings on  www.benjaminthephotographer.co.uk web site, it does however seem that now the celebrations have passed this area is waking up again; notably with three enquiries coming in just yesterday alone.

The next thing on the agenda will be to start developing the cinematography site as having completed another wedding film this weekend there will be a good portfolio of these to view. In addition we have a exciting project documenting another photogrpher doing a fashion shoot at Shottle Hall due in Early February.

Some of our long standing commercial clients are starting to wake up with new year budgets opening, and already the diary is starting to fill.

So far so good. Heres to 2013!

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